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Paano gumagana ang mga puntos ng bonus?


Generally speaking, points can be earned when purchasing products from our store.

The points balance can be viewed by logging into your customer account, from the My Benefits section.

Points have no cash value, but can be redeemed for a voucher.

How to earn points ?

There are different ways to earn points:
- By making purchases on our online store,
- By confirming your email address,
- By publishing a notice relating to the products ordered,
- By referring friends,
- By participating in Allo Allo activities.

Period of validity of the points.

The points have different periods of validity, these periods are specified in the summary of your points available from your customer area. Once the expiration date has passed, the points can no longer be used and are deleted.

Use of points.

Points can only be used for:
- Pay your order with Allo Allo Pay if the total of your points is equal to or greater than the amount of the order,
- Convert your points into a voucher.

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