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iPhone 11 64GB Black
us flag

Mike Q.

1 month ago


iPhone 11 in very good condition. Not even a scratch and in broad day light you can't even detect a small scratch. It's 100% as new as an original and certainly the safest site. As concerns this, trust my experience or that of my relatives! In addition, far cheaper than elsewhere. In my opinion, this site is the best in terms of refurbishing. Left to see if I keep the same opinion on my next order.

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Midnight Green
us flag

Lindsay U.

4 months ago


Very happy with my new phone and the order I placed on Allo. The box is really cool.

iPhone 11 Pro 512GB Gold
us flag

Michael A.

3 months ago


Great site. Check it out!

iPhone 11 64GB Black
us flag

Craig A.

2 months ago


Was somewhat afraid to order on the internet but I must say that the prices on this site were much more interesting than in the store. Finally, I’m rather happy to have ordered on this site and I will be back very soon for my son's birthday.

iPhone 11 256GB Purple
us flag

Brittany U.

1 month ago


Delivered quickly and phone functions perfectly.

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Customer questions and answers

How long does the warranty last? Thank you.

Answer: All phones sold in our store are covered by a 12-month warranty.Answered 4 months ago

Hello, my phone is defective, how can I use the warranty?

Answer: When opening your support request, we will ask you to detail the problem and provide us with photos. For each product with a problem, you can request to repair, replace or refund the product.Answered 6 months ago

Hello! Who handles the warranty? Thank you.

Answer: Warranty requests must be handled by Allo Allo directly.Answered 6 months ago

Is the product good?

Answer: All the iPhones available in our store are 100% functional.Answered a month ago

Are there any scratches?

Answer: The iPhone may have scratches or wear and tear visible at 20 cm, depending on the aesthetic condition chosen.Answered 3 months ago

Product overview: refurbished iPhone 11

Complete and affordable

Autonomy, design and quality, the iPhone 11 really has it all, including its price! Apple releases here a fun, complete and affordable iPhone, available in six colors: purple, yellow, green, white, black, red - Product RED which leaves everyone a good choice among bright and very nice colors. Elegant and sophisticated it also has a beautiful LCD screen as well as rounded aluminum edges and a shiny glass back. Its medium format is a good compromise for a good grip and comfort of use. Despite its affordable price, the iPhone 11 is worthy of a high-end product and everything makes us want to adopt it.


The iPhone 11 offers a high-end design with a perfect finish, almost equal to the iPhone 11 Pro. Apart from the LCD screen (very good quality) and its playful aspect thanks to the wide choice of colors offered by the apple brand, this version has almost nothing to envy its premium version. A great step forward not only from an aesthetic point of view but also technologically for this new beautiful baby signed Apple. Its shiny appearance and the new colors are a real success with those who want to play it less formal.


Same power as the iPhone 11 Pro. Like last year with the iPhone XR, Apple has decided to equip its "entry-level" iPhone with the same processor as its premium versions. With the A13 Bionic, the famous firm from Cupertino beats all the competition with an unequalled and quite impressive power. You have here an iPhone that is faster, smoother and up to 6x more powerful than its previous version, which was already at the top of the technology. To top it all off, the arrival of WI-FI 6 will allow faster downloading of applications from the App Store.


Historically, the iPhone was known for its low battery life. Consider that this bad reputation is now a thing of the past. Tests prove that the iPhone now has a much longer battery life than the competition under Android. Great news for those who wanted to extend the evening without having to worry about the charger. On the other hand, beware of certain applications that consume more energy than others. To sum up, the iPhone 11 is capable of holding about 14 hours in versatile autonomy.


One of the essential points for many users, the photo of course. Once again an excellent progress with this time two modules, the arrival of the wide-angle and a digital zoom x5 for this little jewel of technology. A great step forward that we can only appreciate. The night mode also allows you to take beautiful pictures despite low light. Video level, idem. The iPhone 11 stands out from the crowd with its impressive 4K quality at 60 frames per second for stunning results.

Our opinion

Powerful, photo-savvy and affordable. The iPhone 11 is the little darling of its generation! From both a design and performance point of view, the Apple brand offers us here a new little gem at the cutting edge of technology. Playful and pleasant because of its shape and the different colors offered. The iPhone 11 is an excellent alternative to the iPhone 11 Pro for those with a smaller budget. Despite its very high quality LCD screen, it has nothing to envy to competing smartphones. To try it is to adopt it!